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Campus Printing Made Easy

Convenience is key today. It's all about getting things done with the click of a finger. Purchasing groceries at the comforts of your own home, buying a whole new wardrobe without having to step foot into a mall, and now, printing your homework or assignment from your smartphone or personal laptop without having to install a print driver!

ITC Systems' Remote & Wireless Printing Software is easy to use and enables better management of campus printing. The cost of supporting student printing is reduced significantly as students or faculty now require little or no help from support staff (eg. less time spent on student laptop printing configuration). 


How it works

Students and faculty are provided with a web portal that the school uses for printing, which can be accessed from their laptop or smartphone. They simply log on to the site, select the printer they wish to print from, upload their document(s), set the number of print copies they desire, and submit it to the printer. ITC Systems' Print Manager Server will process the print job and send it to the Release Station at the selected printer. The print job will only be released upon authentication--so don't worry about someone else mistaking that essay of yours! 



  • Intranet web portal for printing without drivers
  • Bridges  wireless networks, LAN and extranets for printing
  • Works seamlessly with ITC System's Print Manager Software for cost recovery
  • University Windows driver with LDAP user authentication
  • Facilitates mobile printing in locations where wireless access is available
  • Reduces the costs associated with helping students configure laptops for printing
  • Provides easy access to printers in libraries, computing labs, residences, and common areas
  • Personal laptop users do not need to join the network domain in order to print
  • No unauthorized use of printers
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