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New Product Announcement: PayStation Swift

ITC Systems has introduced the PayStation Swift to its product line up. The ‘Swift’, like its big brother the PayStation Grand is used to control and charge for copies and prints from MFD’s.  This sleek and versatile unit accepts worldwide credit and debit cards to pay for copy and print transactions.  Also able to interface with our stored value reader, that accepts virtually any legacy stored value magnetic card out there on sites across North America. Read more...







ITC Systems' Coin Operated Controllers are the ideal solution for charging for the use of copiers, printers and other serial applications.

ITC Systems’ “Fusion” is our first ever one-piece coin operated controller. It is designed to streamline setup, installation and operation compared to current offerings, which typically are composed of two pieces (coin-op and stand). The ‘Fusion’ series is reengineered to offer a reduction in overall weight and space for ease of shipping and handling. 

The Fusion 5400 model is the latest and most advanced in coin-op technology, featuring serial ports, a USB port, and multiple copier I/O ports. One 5400 can connect for copy & print applications to control and charge for their use! The 5400 comes fully equipped with copier specific cables for effortless connection and reporting. This model is truly multifunctional. The 5400 coin-op is capable of any combination of coin, bill and cash card operations. It is also PaperCut certified. 


ITC Systems continues to supply the most durable and fully featured products on the market. With the main control board mounted directly on the top of the housing, we eliminate 42 potential points of failure. Every coin-op comes with ITC Systems’ standard warranty.




  • Accepts local or international currency
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Configurable pricing is easily programmed
  • Accounting of cash in system made easy
  • Reporting capabilities to track usage
  • Accepts All Major Credit Cards
  • Two Price Lines
  • Multiple Price Lines
  • Escrow Feature
  • Description

    Specifications Model 5400
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 12 inches
    Depth: 6 inches
    Approximate Weight:
    44 lbs
    49 lbs
    LCD: Backlit 2 x 16 Display
    Power: 24 VAC, UL, CSA, CE approved
    Communication: RS-232, USB, Copier I/O ports
    Coins Accepted:
    10¢ 25¢ $1 $2
    Bills Accepted:
    $5 $10 $20
    Magnetic Card Reader: Stored Value 300-400 oersted
    Contactless Card Reader: HID, Mifare


    Latest Firmware Version: 5300 106.s19 5400 103.s19

    1 Coin-Op Fusion Brochure Download our brochure for your personal reference. Coin-Op Fusion Brochure
    The Fusion Currency Operated Controller from ITC Systems works great! Our customers love how reliable and easy to use it is. It is truly a great revenue stream.

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