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ITC Systems all-encompassing campus card solutions are designed to transform your campus and enhance the user experience for all staff and students. ITC Systems' integrated, modular and scalable OneCard Systems is perfect for a small community college as well as a large University Campus.  Our unique, affordable and state of the art campus card system will allow users to use the OneCard all across campus for all their needs, making it a truly cashless solution.

Put your campus card to work with ITC Systems' OneCard and reap the benefits!

Solutions for Campus Community

Multiplan ID and Transaction Management - 

ITC Systems' fully integrated campus card solution is designed to transform your campus and enhance the user experience.
At the center of your campus card system is ITC Systems’ powerful Multiplan Gold Software— This campus ID system will provide your campus community with the flexibility of multiple accounts, meal plans, variable spending limits and loyalty benefits.

Offer your users the security and financial protection that comes with multi-level identification numbers and PIN protection for all campus wide transactions. Multiplan is your best choice for photo identification, library barcodes, door access, security based requirements and more. Custom printed smart cards, contactless cards and stored value cards can be configured to your specifications.

Funds can be added to your ITC Systems' OneCard ID System at the card office, self-serve account loaders and securely through the web. 

Learn More about ITC Systems Transaction Management Software here: 

Print Management Solution - 

Print Management is an integral part of today's Campus Card Solution. Students, staff and faculty all need to perform large volumes of printing and copying and it is vital to have a print management software than can not only track but also charge for the use of MFP's across campus. ITC Systems' Print Manager powered by PaperCut is the most comprehensive, user and budget friendly print management solution in the market today. PaperCut MF has been designed to help your institution save on printing costs and track, monitor and manage today’s ever increasing on campus print/copy demands. Your students/staff will especially enjoy some of the great features like web-print that will allow them to print using their personal laptops / tablets without the need for a driver and secure print that will allow users to password protect print documents prior to release (for sensitive/confidential documents). ITC Systems is a PaperCut Authorized Solutions Center and can integrate this powerful Print Management Software with any Campus Back end and most MFPs. 

Learn More about PaperCut MF here

Library Solutions and Computer Labs - 

ITC Systems' Academic Library solution starts with the OneCard. The user account is linked to a patron's card that contains a barcode and stored value media (smart or mag stripe). Funds can be added to this card and used to power features like printing, copying, PC reservation, vending, payment of fines etc. ITC Systems' library solutions provide all the essential features your library needs such as Computer Reservations, Wireless Web Printing, Embedded MFP Solutions, Copy & Print Management, Self Serve account loading, payment terminals & secure release stations. ITC Systems' MyPC Computer Reservation Software will provide students and staff an easy to use and powerful system. This software solution can limit, charge, track and manage specific computers and users. It also integrates with the Library Information System and remind users to return overdue books and fines. 

ITC Systems Print Management Software powered by PaperCut can also be embedded on your MFP's to manage, monitor, control and track your printing and copying needs at your library.

Learn More about MyPC computer reservation here. 

Food Service, Dining and Point of Sale - 

ITC Systems offers a complete array of food service and point of sale solution for all your campus needs. Our solution starts with the powerful Multiplan backend software that allows for Transaction management, Debit accounts, Meal Plans, Payroll Deductions, Cashless Vending and Comprehensive Reporting. Our solution will integrate your campus card system with you POS systems at your food courts, dining halls, restaurants, cafeteria's and bars both on-campus and off campus. 

Based on your need, ITC Systems can further hook you up with an enhanced POS Solution completely integrated with the best POS terminals, receipt printers, kitchen printers, cash registers, digital signage, security systems, mobile application, bar code scanners scales and all latest peripherals so that you can provide your clients with the best dining experience. Our POS solution will power your entire campus. 

Learn More about ITC Systems' Food Service and POS Solution here.


Cashless Vending - 

ITC Systems' vending Terminals offer the ultimate in cashless vending. Each reader fit into the standard bill validator cut-out found in most MDB vending machines. ITC Systems' online 7020 model and stored-value 1520 vending readers can be installed in conjunction with the existing payment options or can operate independently. Cashless card vending at your campus has never been more simple.

Learn More about ITC Systems' Cashless Vending here.


Cashless Laundry -

ITC Systems’ Laundry Master System will deliver the convenience of an unattended and cashless laundry room, reducing operating costs and leveraging your existing investment anywhere laundry is required on campus. Control laundry costs and configure price per machine or stacked dryer times while monitoring usage of each laundry machine and user. Laundry View will also inform the student which machines are available and which are in use, enabling users to better plan their laundry trip times.

Learn More about ITC Systems' Cashless Laundry here


Access Control - 

ITC Systems put your security first with our Door Access Control System powered by SALTO Access Controls. These trendy secure stand-alone locks and online readers will work with your Multiplan OneCard account. Only students, faculty, staff and registered guests will have access to residence halls, classrooms, labs and other secure areas with this system. The OneCard can also be integrated with your parking plan for access control. ITC Systems' Attendance readers will further allow to track classroom and event attendance. 

Learn more about ITC Systems' Access Control here


Solutions for your Campus Administrators

Multiplan Gold

Multiplan Gold consolidates the revenue producing areas on site, providing a superior management method for transactions throughout a campus or institution and acts as a central management for your All Campus Card. replaces cash in all areas of a campus with the use of accounts connected to a card. Account holders are able to access and revalue their accounts online 24/7. Learn More

Multiplan Matrix Manager

Multiplan Matrix Manager is an easy-to use web based application that is fully integrated with ITC Systems’ Multiplan software. System administrators have full access to the application and are in control of providing operators authorization rights based on their designated role on site. This would include merchants and vendors who are set up to view transactions and retrieve reports solely in their own area (eg.  Food Service, Library, Vending). Multiplan Matrix Manager is convenient (log on using any computer with internet connection) and secure (SSL security, firewalls & timeout features). Learn More

Web Purchase

ITC Systems' web purchase is a safe and secure online platform completely intergrated with Multiplan, where students (and parents) can perform account functions to their student accounts remotely over the web. Web purchase allows students (parents) to use credit cards online to buy prepaid services and meal plans as well as set student card PINs. Web Purchase can also be intergrated with LDAP and Active Directories for your administrative purproses. Learn More

Professional Services

ITC System’s Professional Services is a targeted and well structured Solution Implementation procedure, aimed at ensuring that your business gets what it needs in a timely, cost-efficient manner. It includes a solution site survey,  sound business case for solution, clear outline of solution implementation, commitment to go-live dates, solution documentation, implementation leadership, short project cycle time and post implementation leadership. Learn More

Print Management 

Print Manager powered by PaperCut is the most comprehensive, user and budget friendly software-based
print management solution on the market today. PaperCut MF has been designed to help your institution
save on printing costs and track, monitor and manage today’s ever increasing on campus print/copy demands. It is also a  great tool for campus administrators to track and manage costs and revenue from on campus printing. PaperCut is integrated into Multiplan to provide a central web based administration access. PaperCut can be further enhanced with features like rules based printing to set your unique print policies as well as customization and branding with your schools colors, logos and text. Learn More

POS Software

ITC Systems' POS Enterprise solution offers complete platform independence, online/offline capabilities, reporting capabilities and data protection, making it one of the most unique, flexible and user-friendly POS Solution in the market today. The Playt application allows your mobile phone to act as a self serve kiosk for dine-in and takeout ordering. Our solution also packs a customer database module that will easily allow you to setup, manage and track customer transactions all across campus. The back office reporting provides comprehensive real-time transactional sales data online and scheduled customized reports to manage revenue and profits effectively.


Check out the UOttawa One Card video - This video was created in-house by the brilliant team at the Univ. Ottawa One Card Office. University of Ottawa is an ITC Systems Campus Card Solution and this video highlights some of the cool functionality of the card.(English & French)




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